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Still here!

2009-03-21 00:39:26 by Slayerdude111

Hey, just posting this, saying i'm still alive and the Scene creators are NOT dead, I'm making one as I type this.

Also, we cannot work with other people in our scene creaters 'cause bad things happened D:

E-mail me! Click here.


2008-08-25 21:32:26 by Slayerdude111

Sorry everyone.

We havent made any in a LONG time Im now working on one i cant promise.
Maybe if im lucky itll be out.....


Superboy is working on a sprite movie. btw.


2008-05-29 21:05:38 by Slayerdude111

Our Website: Click HERE To Go To it
is now open to the beta you may post ask to be in the next scene makers and all of that also the guest book is OPEN come to our website also i will be posting some exclusive scene makers on my website!!!



2008-05-25 23:45:44 by Slayerdude111

We are very sorry but the scene maker is DELAYED! :( it will be a bit of a hard time to make im so very sorry to those who where waiting for it.
Sorry for the inconvinice,


2008-05-19 11:56:41 by Slayerdude111

New Scene Creater Out by Sunday

Someone Asked Here It Is.

2008-05-18 00:01:45 by Slayerdude111

I Just finished making my latest scene creator.
It is a comic scene creator.

Im Making A Mario ONLY Scene Creator It's Gonna Be Cool The LATEST is next sunday BUT Most Likly Is This Sunday!

Slayerdude111 OUT!