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2008-05-19 11:56:41 by Slayerdude111

New Scene Creater Out by Sunday


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2008-05-21 19:01:24

Sweet! Hi! I'm the REAL Sonic the hedgehog. I'd LOVE to hear about your new scene creator!

Slayerdude111 responds:

First of all I don't believe that you're Sonic. ( Unless you have evidence, mabye some trivia.) Any way my friend superboy23 is working on one. He's probobly done by now..... anyway prove that you're Sonic. K?


2008-05-21 23:56:56

oh boy cant wait!!


2008-05-25 16:04:14

its already sunday where is it?

Slayerdude111 responds:

Im So. Sorry its a delay due to my computer is broken.