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Still here!

2009-03-21 00:39:26 by Slayerdude111

Hey, just posting this, saying i'm still alive and the Scene creators are NOT dead, I'm making one as I type this.

Also, we cannot work with other people in our scene creaters 'cause bad things happened D:

E-mail me! Click here.


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2009-03-27 20:24:41

well thats good but can you make a scene creator with sonic and sonic the werehog but can make a few eggman robots

Slayerdude111 responds:

Yes. That is what is coming up.


2009-04-10 19:11:50

well uh you subscribed the scene and i'm still alive last month so if your still at work with the scene maker put a : woot

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaassssssseeeeeeeeee
make a new scene maker i'm dying to see a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-04-11 08:27:38

I was wondering if you could help me I dont know how to make games if you could send a message back to hbarnes295


2009-04-13 12:33:49

yay werehog um could u add techno the hedgehog?


2009-04-15 16:05:48

i luv sc but i need more i can wait for da next 1 2 be out but can my fan guy plz make a scene in something? i am tellin da truth i will not mess wit thad thing u said about.


2009-05-01 17:39:40

hey go to sonicmcbob he is showing my guy


2009-05-07 12:26:36

hey dude i made a non recolour so i do not wanna come in ur group i just wanna be in my own group the custom group were u can post ur custom chars


2009-05-19 15:55:24

hey slayerdude its me you may know me (probly not in rl but on the game) i really hope u have ur sence creators up and running when they are can u make me a sprite using shadow
misterboy2000 out


2009-07-22 00:38:11

I would like to be in the custom mario scene maker. I look like shadic but black. If u could do that it would be great. Thanks.


2009-10-08 15:39:06

Scene Creators are SOOOO easy


2009-11-08 00:01:14

make a scene cretore with mecha mario, mecha sonic and mecha shadow


2009-12-10 19:07:27

I LOVE YOUR SCENE CREATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!What are you working on?


2010-01-13 19:50:51

tell me how to make a scene creator step by step tell me where to go and also i have like 50 sprites


2010-01-18 16:00:05

How long is it going to be still? Its been a year (almost.. Soon)


2010-03-31 13:07:08

i love your games


2010-05-09 21:05:03

and can you add more chaos forms and add shadic and nazo also more re-colors?


2010-11-10 18:54:16

Your dead. Its been a year, your dead. LOL. Unless I get proof your not dead, your dead.


2011-02-06 14:05:11

So uh...when is it out?


2011-02-21 08:05:01

well, superboy cant use flash right now! How will slayer do it on his own in like a year!? Making all the sprites to be "clickable" takes a long time!


2011-03-09 20:04:02

hey I wanted to be in the custom scene creator...


2011-03-24 20:14:39

look at superboy's page it sucks


2011-05-27 18:57:38

good your s.c, r nice


2011-07-01 21:31:19

aww and i really wanted you to make me as a red hedgehog with blue and red gloves and blue and red shoes kinda like Nazo but i hope the next scene creator is as awesome as your others you and superboy23 are the awesomest people on this website!


2011-07-01 21:38:15

oh uh also do it before 2012 in december because thats when the world is supposed to end (or not) im confused about that but still if you can make my fan character that i mentioned in the first comment i would be very pleased ill try to send you a pic of my fan caracter ok?